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Negotiating the sale or purchase of a business takes knowledge and skill. 

Unskilled, untrained and inexperienced negotiators frequently undermine their own positions without ever realising it, giving precious ground to the other side. Knowing when to stand firm as well as "if, when and how" to make concessions is the difference between a substandard outcome and a highly profitable result.

At Henley Business Group we are trained negotiators and have decades of experience negotiating complex transactions at high levels. We know how to read the signals and subtleties being presented by the opposition and how to respond. Do you?

Even if you know who will buy your business or you have approached a seller yourself, it pays to be represented by experts for the negotiations. If you think professionals are expensive, wait till you see how much an amateur will cost you!

Send us a message and allow us to negotiate the best deal for you on your behalf.


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